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CTC provides members with exclusive programming delivered by experts in job search. A curated selection of the workshops are listed below.

AI & Hiring: What Jobseekers Need to Know

Presented by John Rood, CEO & Founder, Proceptual

This special seminar will provide CTC clients with the latest information and insights on artificial intelligence as it relates to the hiring process. AI and automation have become huge topics with the popularity of technologies like ChatGPT. In the HR world, new technologies are transforming the way companies hire, train, and compensate employees. This presentation will give an overview of the AI-driven hiring landscape, with special attention paid to the ethical, DEI, and compliance issues these new tools raise. Attendees will learn about the HR tools, such as Applicant Tracking Systems, that use automated or AI-driven technology. John Rood is CEO and co-founder of Proceptual , which provides compliance solutions for  emerging regulation of automated hiring systems and AI. Previously, Rood was founder at Next Step Test Preparation, which he grew from a two-person tutoring operation to a market leader in pre-health entrance exam test preparation before selling to private equity. He holds his bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and his master’s from the University of Chicago. John recently presented a workshop on the Topic of 'AI & Hiring' to SHRM-Chicago. He has customized this seminar for CTC career coaches and instructors and jobseekers.

Building Skills # 1: Knowing Yourself and Where You're Going 

Led by: Nadia Whiteside, CTC coaching and program director

"If you don't know where you're going, you're not likely going to get there." To find job opportunity, you need to be able to articulate what you want and what you offer. In this first "Building Skills for the Career Search" monthly series, you will examine the process of job search and career transition and determine what success means to you, based on your values and aspirations. We will help you chart your career direction and begin to develop winning strategy. The workshop helps clients take stock and navigate the Discovery phase of the search process.

What CTC Members say: "...the credibility of the speaker stands out."

Building Skills #2 - Your Career Portfolio: An Overview

Led By: Susan Barbee CTC Coach CTC Coach and Founder, GrowForward Coaching

Want to communicate effectively in today's job market? Want to know what's expected in today's resumes and on-line search communication? Increasingly we hear from recruiters, HR and hiring managers that candidates need to understand what's important (to them) in crafting all communications related to the Job Search. In this Building Skills #2 Workshop, we'll examine how to position and convey your compelling case for employment in resumes, emails, cover letters and the full array of job seeker communication tools for success.

What CTC Members Say: "I was extremely impressed with the presentation...a lot of interaction and specific examples."

Building Skills # 3: Networking: An Essential Tool for Career and Life

Led by: Libby Smoler

Networking is a critical skill to develop for job search and ongoing career success - in truth, we believe it is essential for work and life! Yet, it is one of the least understood (and most feared) of all professional skills.  This Building Skills #3 Workshop helps CTC clients gain insight, perspective and practice useful techniques for better, more effective networking, as well as the types of networking, such as for jobs versus information. You will also learn how networking is used throughout all the stages of career transition: Discovery, Planning, and Action.

What CTC Members Say: I would strongly recommend this class to any of my peers.”

Building Skills #4 – Interviews That Get Results (Featuring Virtual Interview Skills)

Led by: CTC Coach Sharon Krohn

Create a positive and lasting impression in every interview to further your progress and land the job. In this Building Skills #4 workshop, you will learn about various types of interviews, including behavioral, and benefit from tips and techniques to increase your comfort, confidence and results. Session includes negotiating terms of employment.  

What CTC Members Say: "Outstanding! Sharon is so knowledgeable, approachable and engaging. She does a remarkable job and I always learn something new from her."

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Led By Robert Gramillano, Ph.D.

Recent data suggests there is a consensus among hiring professionals of the importance of communication ability and emotional intelligence--attributes strongly desired by hiring managers, but often hard to find in the candidate pool. By examining one’s EQ, jobseekers can demonstrate

their potential to provide significant benefits to their employer, create better relationships, and promote a positive work environment. This interactive workshop will provide participants with the tools to gain control over emotions, navigate challenging situations, and communicate

empathetically within teams and the overall work environment. Registrants will be sent a link to complete a free online EQi assessment in advance of the workshop.

What CTC Members say: "The presenter was amazing. I would recommend her to anyone that is in transition or someone that wants to develop other more EI skills."


Led by CTC Coach Howard Fox, LinkedIn Expert, President Fox Coaching, Inc.

Join Howard to answer all the questions that you were afraid to ask (or didn’t even know to ask) about LINKED IN. Get more savvy about this essential VIRTUAL career development tool and resource – ever more vital, given the current COVID physical isolation we are all facing. In this informal, hands-on workshop, Howard will field YOUR QUESTIONS about using, setting up your profile, branding yourself, researching with LinkedIn, connecting and networking with others and MORE. Come prepared to also learn from your Peers and their questions and concerns about using LinkedIn and enhancing your visibility and reach.

What CTC Members Say: “Howard is THE LinkedIn expert. He provides great advice on marketing yourself.”

Mastering the Art of Informational Interviewing

Led by: Marty Gahbauer Executive Director of the Weigand Center for Professional Excellence at Elmhurst University

Informational interviewing can help you learn about your field, make great connections, build your network and work your way into target organizations and opportunities. How great is that? And yet, how do you gain comfort and confidence setting up and utilizing informational interviews to their fullest advantage? How do you reach out? What do you say? How do you ask for help and contacts? Learn from a CTC alumnus whose success resulted from informational interviewing!

What CTC Members say: "this workshop had something for everybody-- ranging from people new to informational interviewing to those who are experienced.

Peer Groups

Led by: CTC Coach David Kloak, Ph.D.

Join fellow CTC clients for this CTC coach-facilitated peer group for added focus, new ideas and client connection. Peer groups are open to CTC clients seeking progress and accountability in job search/transition activities. Prepare to present your value statement and brainstorm search activities that will move you forward!

Please register to attend. CTC clients are encouraged to attend a peer group session each week to assure progress and the benefits of building their network/connection with fellow clients.

What CTC Members Say: “Very insightful advice from facilitator and great interaction between peers.”

Refining Your Pitch Materials Workshop 

Led by:  CTC Coach Kristen (McCormack) Covington

Who are you, what are you looking for, and what can you provide? 

This workshop provides an opportunity for clients to hone their written and verbal materials by sharing and "working" them with fellow CTC members.  Clients will apply what they are learning through all the opportunities provided by CTC (workshops, presentations, peer groups, etc.) with the added benefit of immediate feedback from peers. The focus of each Pitch session is to help each other to craft and edit values statements, elevator pitches, and resumes.  Clients will spend a portion of each workshop working 1-on-1 with a fellow CTC member on their materials, then reunite to present progress and receive further feedback from the whole group. 

What CTC Members say: “Aside from the one-on-one coaching sessions, this workshop is by far the most valuable at the CTC.”

Resume: Your Path To Success 

Led by: Amy J. Berk, CTC Coach and Certified Resume Writer

Do you even need a resume? Yes you do! By creating a resume that truly represents you and your professional brand, you are creating your path to a successful job search! Not only can you use your resume to reply to job postings, but it can also serve as the basis for your networking story and can guide the interviewer to ask you the questions you want to answer.

You will learn how to:

1.    Create a branded resume based on your value statement and CARs.

2.    Target your resume for a specific job posting.

3.    Use keywords to increase the likelihood of your resume getting through the Applicant Tracking System (aka the Robot).

4.    Format your resume.

What CTC Members Say: “Amy makes the resume creation process less intimidating. She shows before and after examples.”

SELF-TALK Matters: How the Messages We Carry Impact Our Job Search and Life

Led by: Rick Wemple, Certified Personal Trainer

Rick Wemple is a Running Coach certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, including a specialization in Behavior Change and a Mental Skills Coach.  Rick knows a thing or two about losing a job. This workshop  is based on the tools and techniques he benefitted from that enabled him to foster and grow his self-esteem and confidence that resulted in the growth and success of his private coaching business.  The basic foundation is identifying all of our gifts/talents/treasures inside us, and by affirming those on a regular basis, seeing our decisions and actions lead us towards inner peace, fulfillment and abundance.

What CTC Members Say: “Rick understands how to manage your internal hamster wheel of negativity!"

Storytelling Using the C.A.R.s Method

Led by CTC Coach and Principal, Ed Valentine and Associates

In this workshop you will learn how to describe your experience, skills, and qualities in a more compelling way - through storytelling. Storytelling is one of the most powerful methods for conveying your brand and expertise in hard and soft skills and the impact you have.

Using the CARs method, you will craft a draft of your first story which will be useful in networking, preparing for interviews and as a means to describe outcome-oriented work experiences. This workshop will help you clearly and concisely develop CARs (Challenge, Action, Result) that describe your success stories.

In this workshop you will learn:

1.      how to create CARs from your resume that clearly demonstrate your value that directly connect you with positive experiences that in turn boost           your confidence.

2.      how to create concise, digestible, memorable stories.

3.      tips for converting resume content to CARs.

What CTC Members say: "The writing tips and reminders of how these can be done best to connect to a job we want were great."

Strong Assessment

The Strong Interest Inventory® provides research-validated insights to help clients in their search for a rich, fulfilling career. Strong assessment identifies:

  • General Occupational Themes to map broad interest patterns to clients’ personalities and preferred work environments
  • Basic Interest Scales for specific information about areas of interest
  • Occupational Scales relating your interest patterns to those of satisfied workers within various occupations.


·         Access to online Strong assessment

  •    Interactive, 4-hour group Zoom workshop

What CTC Members say:  "It helped me think more realistically about the type of job I'm looking for and how I want to balance that with my personal life."

StrengthsFinder Assessment

Led by CTC Coach Bliss Hansen

This is a powerful tool for identifying and applying your strengths and talents to your career. CTC's workshop will provide opportunities to:

  • Identify and understand your Top Five Strengths.
  • Strategize in effort to maximize your strengths on your resume, LinkedIn profile and value statement (verbal introduction).
  • Create success stories to support your strengths.


·         Access to online StrengthsFinder assessment

  •    Interactive, 4-hour group Zoom workshop
  • ·  One (1) individual coaching session post-workshop (to be completed within 3 weeks virtually)

What CTC Members say:  "Bliss is in the right career! Her five strengths were spot on. She was excellent at listening and summarizing back to us."  

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