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CTC made an enormous difference in my life. As someone with mental health issues, I know good resources are key to hope and recovery.

My therapist referred to CTC to help me with my job search. I had been ripped apart from my last two jobs and CTC was so gentle with me.

CTC could look past my mental health issues and see that I was capable of performing. CTC provided nonjudgement support. The Coaches were so calming and provided structure without pressure. CTC connected me to alumni in tech to help me figure out how my skills were transferrable.

CTC are creative thinkers and encouraged me to not limit myself based on my degree and past work history when I wanted to move into tech. CTC helped with rebuilding my confidence, which is a huge issue for people with mental illness."

-CTC Client

Why you should refer your clients to CTC?

Our mission is to empower professionals to find meaningful employment. We work with our clients and their therapists, as needed, to provide support during a job search or career transition. As our client above explains, we provide non-judgmental support focused on employment that aligns with work-life balance and career aspirations.

CTC is a non-profit organization that provides career coaching, peer support groups and programming to professionals  in career and employment transition. Over the last 25 years, CTC has provided coaching and other services to over 10,000 mid-career professionals so that they could find meaningful work. We are grateful to the 150 volunteer coaches who have donated their time and talents over the last two decades. To learn more about us: CTC Video Introduction.

CTC is:

  • Entirely focused on helping people find fulfilling and productive jobs
  • Unique to the Chicago community
  • Proven approach helps thousands of Chicagoans find jobs

For more information, contact Anita Jenke, Executive Director at or 312-906-9908 x401.

The Career Transitions Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

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